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① Do not share the links you see posted in here outside of the forum.
This means, no embedding to your Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. You are only allowed to share the streaming links you see on
Please share our forum name — — or the thread link instead if you want to share more with other people.

② Strictly no re-uploading of our videos to your own accounts.
If you see any dead links, please inform the admins instead.

③ Do not use the 'WINNER' as well as the members names as your username. (Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino, Seungyoon or Taehyun)
If you do, you will not be accepted and will have to join again.

Please validate your account on your email after signing up.

⑤ If you break any of our rules we will ban you — as well as your IP Address — from our forums.


We want to keep subbing for WINNER till the end. But recently many subbing teams' videos have been taken down due to of copyright claims.
And since WINNER is only starting,we want to protect our videos since the beginning. To keep growing with them,
please support us by following these simple rules so as not to ruin the fun for the rest of the International Fans ^^

Once again, you can only share the links we share on our page
Download links as well as links to other streaming sites will be only shared here.
If you see anyone breaking the rules, please pm Nammy .

You will be redirected to Adfly when you click in our links please go here to know why.


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